Our proactive monitoring devices are designed to protect your production environment, whatever it's size or purpose.
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Managed Services

IP Telephony (VoIP)

Complete solutions for calls treatment and employee’s internal communications

Web Applications

Managed services for your web presence and internal operations

Email Exchange

All-in-one packages including anti-spam filtering, mass-mailing and shared calendars

Datacenter Solutions


Proactive devices designed to protect your production environment, whatever it’s size or purpose


Robust industrial hardware to protect your equipments inside servers and telecoms rooms

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Alien Equipments is a Quebec company specialized in security and monitoring equipments for your production environments.

Because the security of your business is crucial, make no compromises, we have solutions for every budget. Whether you are a self-employed person wanting to operate remote equipments, a refrigeration company owner who needs to record cold room's temperatures in a grocery store, or a private clinic manager who stores vaccines, our modular equipments from another inspiration offers solutions to all situations.

Our mission

We are committed to our clients to improve their business processes through our dedication to finding the solutions that best suit their professional and financial situation. We set up the IT infrastructures and provide them with the support and essential advices to the technical success of their projects.

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How we do

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Équipements Alien est pour nous synonyme de fiabilité, de professionnalisme et d’écoute. Collaboration très fructueuse et vouée à perdurer, que cela soit pour la gestion de nos services web ou de nos courriels.

Damenndyn ─ Rose Berryl

Équipements Alien gère nos services web, mail et téléphoniques à l’année longue. C’est une collaboration fiable et efficace.

Delphine Splingard ─ Directrice @ CKR Éditions